Saturday, May 24, 2008

It works!

Hey! The laundry soap works great! I made a dry version--got the recipe from my blog buddy Melissa, and it is doing great so far. I washed Handyman's winter carhart overhauls (ewwwww), some bathroom rugs, sheets, regular clothes, etc. No issues yet. I love the fresh smell of the Naptha--sort of zippy. Of course there are no suds, which is a mental hurdle for most of us. But my new washer ($175 on clearance at Lowes)does this funky, slinky little agitation, VERY quietly, that stops whenever you lift the lid. Soooooo, I've learned that I can't watch it anyway, so I just don't think about the no-suds thing. Everything's clean so far.

This is a big weekend in our neck of the woods--large auto race in the neighborhood. The great part for us is that the flyover jets cruise over our house 4-5 times every time they perform. Last year, I swear they changed their course to buzz our house, after they saw me and the dudettes wearing black and white and waving wildly in the field. They went over today several times for their practice and they went over last weekend for the qualifications weekend or the Vietnam Vet commemoration, not sure which. Anyway, tomorrow, we'll be out there, waving again.

Today was the big parade downtown and Handyman had a big role in shooting it. I remembered that several years #1 has gone with him and gotten to watch firsthand. So, this year, he took #2, since #1 was at a special Jane Austen themed sleepover. Well, if it wasn't the bees knees! They left the house sometime around 4:30 am to head to their position downtown. #2 got to sleep some in the truck (with the butt warmers on) while Handyman set up. Several of his close friends were working the broadcast booth all day and I had heard that Julianne Hough from Dancing With the Stars was going to be making an appearance in the booth. I asked one of our friends to try, please try, to get two autographs from her, for #1 and #2.

Now we watch Dancing With the Stars. Other than NFL, some NASCAR and the late news, that's all the tv we see. And the only tv that receives any signal is in our bedroom. This was our second season to watch it. We watch movies of our choosing, but not even that, frequently. So, we're pretty conservative with the tv, and how we got started watching DWTS is all my fault. Somehow, I can make the leap that it's still worth watching.

There is plenty about Dancing with the Stars that I do not like. We talk a lot about the skimpy outfits, and Handyman and I have them close their eyes/ears for most of the commercials (the Bachelor, Lost, Desperate Housewives, etc.). There are some dance moves that are pretty objectionable and we talk about those too--"yikes! That sure isn't pretty! What do they think they're doing?!"

But we like watching people work at it and improve (or not) and be critiqued and be motivated. And we like watching the pros and the live tv angle is pretty cool too! (We saw Marie Osmond faint!) Even Handyman watches, although he tries to pretend that it's because he wants to go to bed and we are all there in his way. My kids know who Jason Taylor plays for now and that the NFL theme song is a Paso Doble. #2 asked me about a particular star and who was she, really...when I answered "Elvis' wife", she was shocked. "I didn't know he was even married!" ;)

Anyway, all this to say, that #2 got to meet someone she greatly admires--Julianne Hough, the 2-time season champion of Dancing with the Stars--last year with Helio Castroneves (race car driver) and the previous season (which we didn't watch) with Apolo Anton Ono. Julianne did come to the booth and spoke graciously to #2 and we are anxiously awaiting the photo to be emailed to us (since I did not get up at 4am to locate my camera--loser Mom!)

#2 was VERY thrilled. I think this is her first celebrity. I'm glad it was someone so nice. Handyman meets and works with LOTS of celebrities. He refuses to be impressed, for lots of reasons. Mostly because a lot of them aren't impressive. Secondly, because it is unprofessional to be in awe, I guess. I still haven't forgiven him for not introducing #1 to Peyton Manning last year on a shoot. They were right there, together!

I'm sure she'll be wanting to work with him again soon!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Some firsts...

I put $92 worth of gasoline in my evil SUV yesterday. I am sure that's the first time I've ever put $92 worth of gas in anything! I was very thankful to be able to put $92 of gas into my heinous, destructive ride, but shocked nonetheless. I wanted to yell to the guy across from me, who was pulling a trailer of mowers--"You can't pull a horse trailer with a Prius!" I am sick of being demonized by the liberal wackos because I drive an SUV. When there are natural disasters, what kind of vehicles do rescuers tend to drive??? Do hybrids rescue people or deliver medical care to the trapped? Probably not.

I paid $27 for a smallish-bottle of special shampoo for Reno--the free horse with dermatological issues. I didn't tell Handyman the cost, especially since I had paid $18 for a bottle of iodine shampoo at Tractor Supply. He would cork, quietly of course, as is his way. I simply decided that that was my clothing allowance for the summer...

#3 came through surgery very well. We had two really nice visits from leaders at our new church, also balloons and treats. She was the best patient on her floor. All her nurses and aides loved her because she was so sweet. She loved the computer on the articulating arm that could hang over her bed where she could play fairy games on the internet all day. I enjoyed the articulating arm computer so I could lay on my couch/bed and watch Dancing with the Stars while she slept. She is having understandable pain when going potty, but that will continue to diminish. We didn't go to church today because I didn't want someone else to have to take her to the bathroom and now she's sleeping on my bed, so it was a good decision. Although I am missing the sermon on Colossians. Also, last week the Pastor pointed out that Mother's Day is falling on the same day as Passover so we would be having a "Spirit-filled Mother" contest...which mom could get to church without sinning!! :) He said the prize would be a big Pharisee badge! LOL!

My parents went to see my grandma for Mother's Day, so they are gone to WVA. I want to know if they are going to ask her who she's voting for in the WVA primary. My grandma votes Democrat. If Satan were a Democrat, she'd vote for him. I'm thinking she'll go for Hillary, the whole scorned wife thing perhaps. My grandma was a scorned wife once too. But who's not the issues with her. She is motivated by promises that her favorite grandchild (male, age 23) won't ever be drafted and that FDR saved the world, so we have to stay loyal to the party.

I have been frustrated with my children lately...they just don't seem to try to do a good job at things. They are not motivated when it comes to household chores and are more than happy to do a sloppy job and get called back 3 and 4 times. I am tired of trying to think up logical consequences for all this stuff. I just want it to get done and move on. I am too task oriented, I know. But when I am muttering to myself about what's the matter with them, I think that's about what God must be saying about me. "I have explained this before. Does she never learn? Why doesn't she get it? Why doesn't she believe me/trust me? I have told her this over and over and she doesn't listen." You get the picture.

I like to read the obituaries. I know that's weird. Mostly I enjoy the loving mother ones. You read about their accomplishments, usually during times that were less than perfect in this country. You read about what their children remember about them and what they were known for. It helps motivate me to see the big picture and to choose what I want to prioritize around our house. We need more laughing, more hugging, more sparkling can I get that and still have a clean house?? My dilemma....less sleep perhaps...

I am crossing a line in my life that will be thrown up at me for many years to come, I'm sure...I'm going to make my own laundry detergent. What with all the money going out to wacky causes (special dermatological shampoo for horses and cat bite ER charges), I've been looking into other ways to save money. I already shop at Goodwill and Ebay. I forego eating out and movies at the theater (my faves!) I yearn for Starbucks but never indulge. But I checked in at Biblical Womanhood on her Frugal Friday posts and was reading through the linky and saw the gal who loves her homemade laundry soap. So I checked it out. I actually like doing laundry, just not putting it away. But I am getting much better with that part. Anyway, I found this gal and read her story and her links as well. It sounds easy-peasy and they had all the ingredients at Kroger, so we'll find out!

The reason this is so memorable for me and will become fodder for all my future harrassment is that at one point in my mother's "return to earthy living" phase, she made her own toothpowder. I don't know if it was to save money or just to be healthier or what, but it was the worst! I mean, the absolute worst! My dad snuck toothpaste into the grocery cart to save us from it. We, of course, being the loving family that we are, have never let her forget it. So, I'm sure, this will be my Waterloo. I hope, however, that this will actually work. Whereas tooth powder just made me avoid brushing altogether!

Happy Mother's Day Mom! What goes around comes around, eh?! :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Stream of consciousness

I'm winning the battle of creepin' crud. Reno wants his belly itched, and he wants it now! The shedding blade isn't even tough enough for him. If I stop itching and walk away, he trots after me and gets in front of me and swings himself around, just in case I can't remember which spot it is he needs scratched.

Our trees are in bloom and my walk to the barn is beautiful and sweet-smelling. I need to stay on top of Princess' fair nose. She sunburns easily with that bald face. I have to get my desk under control this weekend before I am gone to the hospital for several days with #3.

The lame chicken is now walking and scratching! Today will be 3 weeks since Handyman splinted her leg and she was scratching in the dirt of the flower bed last night! We were so pleased. How we'll ever move her back to the flock, I don't know. John would be so lonely.

Piano recitals are done. Awana has wrapped up. 4H is getting into full swing and the girls have already slept in the tent in the front yard. Sure seems like summer already.

Re: parenting...I want to give praise to the Lord for growing me through the most recent issues which involve my ability to "shut my yap" when I have amazingly cruel sarcasm on the tip of my tongue and to turn away from invitations to go at it. I have asked for strength and received it. I have asked for patience and have had many opportunities to grow it and I have asked for reasons to not bail out and they have shown themselves readily. The Lord does provide. He does know best. He does speak if I will hear. He is faithful. The question is, as told to me by Clarence Thomas in his book--who learned it from Bobby Knight in his book (in rough paraphrase): Am I willing to do what it takes to win, not just willing to win. Everyone wants to win. But winners are willing to do all that mundane, routine sloggery; to cover the details that others want to skip, in order to succeed.

Parenting teens--it's not for wimps. I saw a Mother's Day shirt that I want. It said, Mom is Wow, upside down!

Tonight we are celebrating my mom's 65th birthday. She was 48 when i got married. That is 3 years older than I am right now. I have one child who would just be going into Kindergarten at the same age as my mother was marrying off her only child. Hmmmmmmm...I hope I live to be 100 or I'll never get it all done.

Don't have pasture seeded--the rental seeder broke--don't have garden planted yet. I've got to get a strawberry bed going. Don't have a riding ring yet. But, it's not cold anymore.