Sunday, May 11, 2008

Some firsts...

I put $92 worth of gasoline in my evil SUV yesterday. I am sure that's the first time I've ever put $92 worth of gas in anything! I was very thankful to be able to put $92 of gas into my heinous, destructive ride, but shocked nonetheless. I wanted to yell to the guy across from me, who was pulling a trailer of mowers--"You can't pull a horse trailer with a Prius!" I am sick of being demonized by the liberal wackos because I drive an SUV. When there are natural disasters, what kind of vehicles do rescuers tend to drive??? Do hybrids rescue people or deliver medical care to the trapped? Probably not.

I paid $27 for a smallish-bottle of special shampoo for Reno--the free horse with dermatological issues. I didn't tell Handyman the cost, especially since I had paid $18 for a bottle of iodine shampoo at Tractor Supply. He would cork, quietly of course, as is his way. I simply decided that that was my clothing allowance for the summer...

#3 came through surgery very well. We had two really nice visits from leaders at our new church, also balloons and treats. She was the best patient on her floor. All her nurses and aides loved her because she was so sweet. She loved the computer on the articulating arm that could hang over her bed where she could play fairy games on the internet all day. I enjoyed the articulating arm computer so I could lay on my couch/bed and watch Dancing with the Stars while she slept. She is having understandable pain when going potty, but that will continue to diminish. We didn't go to church today because I didn't want someone else to have to take her to the bathroom and now she's sleeping on my bed, so it was a good decision. Although I am missing the sermon on Colossians. Also, last week the Pastor pointed out that Mother's Day is falling on the same day as Passover so we would be having a "Spirit-filled Mother" contest...which mom could get to church without sinning!! :) He said the prize would be a big Pharisee badge! LOL!

My parents went to see my grandma for Mother's Day, so they are gone to WVA. I want to know if they are going to ask her who she's voting for in the WVA primary. My grandma votes Democrat. If Satan were a Democrat, she'd vote for him. I'm thinking she'll go for Hillary, the whole scorned wife thing perhaps. My grandma was a scorned wife once too. But who's not the issues with her. She is motivated by promises that her favorite grandchild (male, age 23) won't ever be drafted and that FDR saved the world, so we have to stay loyal to the party.

I have been frustrated with my children lately...they just don't seem to try to do a good job at things. They are not motivated when it comes to household chores and are more than happy to do a sloppy job and get called back 3 and 4 times. I am tired of trying to think up logical consequences for all this stuff. I just want it to get done and move on. I am too task oriented, I know. But when I am muttering to myself about what's the matter with them, I think that's about what God must be saying about me. "I have explained this before. Does she never learn? Why doesn't she get it? Why doesn't she believe me/trust me? I have told her this over and over and she doesn't listen." You get the picture.

I like to read the obituaries. I know that's weird. Mostly I enjoy the loving mother ones. You read about their accomplishments, usually during times that were less than perfect in this country. You read about what their children remember about them and what they were known for. It helps motivate me to see the big picture and to choose what I want to prioritize around our house. We need more laughing, more hugging, more sparkling can I get that and still have a clean house?? My dilemma....less sleep perhaps...

I am crossing a line in my life that will be thrown up at me for many years to come, I'm sure...I'm going to make my own laundry detergent. What with all the money going out to wacky causes (special dermatological shampoo for horses and cat bite ER charges), I've been looking into other ways to save money. I already shop at Goodwill and Ebay. I forego eating out and movies at the theater (my faves!) I yearn for Starbucks but never indulge. But I checked in at Biblical Womanhood on her Frugal Friday posts and was reading through the linky and saw the gal who loves her homemade laundry soap. So I checked it out. I actually like doing laundry, just not putting it away. But I am getting much better with that part. Anyway, I found this gal and read her story and her links as well. It sounds easy-peasy and they had all the ingredients at Kroger, so we'll find out!

The reason this is so memorable for me and will become fodder for all my future harrassment is that at one point in my mother's "return to earthy living" phase, she made her own toothpowder. I don't know if it was to save money or just to be healthier or what, but it was the worst! I mean, the absolute worst! My dad snuck toothpaste into the grocery cart to save us from it. We, of course, being the loving family that we are, have never let her forget it. So, I'm sure, this will be my Waterloo. I hope, however, that this will actually work. Whereas tooth powder just made me avoid brushing altogether!

Happy Mother's Day Mom! What goes around comes around, eh?! :)


Debbie said...

Happy MOther's Day!! I can't wait to hear how the soap turns out. Will it be cheaper in the long run? I guess that was the point but let me know!

Rising Rainbow said...

Well, at least with laundry soap they don't have to taste it. Their clothes may not be clean but their mouths won't pucker! lol