Saturday, January 31, 2009


This is just to remind me that I don't live on Hoth.

It's so cold and has been for so long that today's high of 22 with sunshine made me feel happy enough to go to the barn sans hat! I got a giant bag of frozen carrots in the garage to give Reno hope for spring. He can smell 'em a mile off. In fact, I had put two little carrot stumps into my coat pocket several days ago and forgotten them and when I was putting on his blanket the other night, he started backing away from me as I was trying to buckle the front. He never does that and he was not stopping and then I remembered, or thought I remembered that there might be some carrot stumps--He knew it! He smelled those old wilty things and wasn't taking no for an answer. Good thing I found them or I could have become the victim of a stall rage incident.

Today, I whipped off the horse blankets and shoveled that water tank full of snow (turning on the heater, of course). The poop is still frozen solid and the hay supply is dwindling, but I saw a huge flock of robins near the henhouse and I am thinking we're about to turn the corner. Well, except for that entire month of February. The dark doldrums lie just ahead...after the Cardinals kick some serious steel batootey tomorrow!! Gotta go make some chili, make some velveeta rotel dip and start on my taxes...

I've got my Gurney's catalog laying on the dining room table and I am still trying to figure out why we live this far north. We're lovin' Netflix here in the sticks, although I miss the librarians, a little. We've watched Tropic Thunder, The Mummy--Curse of the Dragon Emporer, Becoming Jane, Dark Knight (not me), IronMan (not me) and tonight, Mad Hot Ballroom (it's about middle schoolers.)

Time for dog dinner!

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quiltarama said...

You're wondering why you live so far north and I'm wondering why I live so far south. I took the 3 puppers with me to run a few errands this morning. Fritz LOVES car rides, Sasha just likes being out and Abby is finally getting used to them and doesn't try to crawl into my lap in fear every few seconds. Anyway, by the end of the morning, I was getting concerned that Fritz was getting overheated with all his Pom fur. I had cups of cold water for them and we went for a walk around the block halfway through the morning but on the way home, with the sun coming in the car windows, I finally had to give in and put on the AC, which just seems ridiculous now that it's evening and I have on a sweatshirt and am covered up with a down throw. It's not quite cold enough to justify turning on the heat. Also kind of funny because we all stayed home from work on Wednesday because of an ice storm.