Sunday, March 15, 2009

Need a smile??

Your cheeks will get their workout after you visit Joan's blog post> I can't stop looking at it--

Handyman thinks he wants one, or two. Their poop doesn't require muck tubs or wagons. Hmmmmmmmmm....


quiltarama said...

I definitely think you need a few of those!!! How about an FSA -- friend-supported agriculture???

We have had so many farm animals confiscated by law enforcement and turned over to the Humane Society in the past few months. There was another case this week. It's awful. It's really nice to see pictures like this.

I owe you an email....bad friend.


Anonymous said...

:D Glad you enjoyed my post so much! LOL

Rising Rainbow said...

Very cute! But just remember, poop is still poop. And if they produce it, they require some kind of care. Smaller doesn't always mean less work..........of course, this comes from the woman with 28 horses. LOL!!!!