Friday, April 10, 2009

Conversations heard around Netherfield...

With #3 (age 5.5):

#3: Mom, you won't be sad at all when I grow up because you can carry my babies, huh?
Me: That's right. I'll carry your babies.
#3: And they'll be so pretty...
Me: What if they're boys?
#3: That'll be okay, won't it?
Me: Sure, that'll be fine.
#3: How will we know?
Me: If they're boys?
#3: Yeah.
Me: We'll know by looking at them. You can tell right away. Boys have boy parts and girls have girl parts.
#3: What's different?
Me: Different tinklers. You know that.
#3: Oh, I can just look at Reno to see it.
Me: Right. :)

With Handyman:

Me: Did you see the pictures of Chris Evert caddying for Greg Norman?
HM: No.
Me: They're married, you know.
HM: No.
Me: Yeah. They got married about nine months ago.
HM: Chris Evert?
Me: Yeah.
HM: Really?
Me: Yeah. He divorced his wife to marry her and gave his wife a settlement of like $100 million dollars.
HM: Have you seen the pictures of his yacht?
Me: Yeah.
HM: I'd marry him.

P.S. No red bud blooms.


Dad said...

Just as you need the Son, so does the redbud need the sun. To wait year after year doing the same thing, expecting different results is the definition of, You know what.
Love Dad

Grey Horse Matters said...

Very cute conversation. I didn't know Norman married Evert. You'd think they could afford a caddy but maybe the settlement to the first wife took care of that. Ha. Just kidding, of course he's still got plenty...
The redbuds will be there any day now I'm sure.

quiltarama said...

What's going on around Netherfield? Ok, ok, I know I owe you about 3 emails...just wanted to say hi! I'm going to go hit the hay (in the figurative sense). I've been refrigerator shopping the last two nights and I'm overwhelmed, confused and most of all, exhausted!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lady!

I hope you are doing well.

Getting my Pay It Forward's going and need your mailing address! Please e-mail me at MudRanch AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks! :D