Monday, February 8, 2010

Menu Plan Monday--AGAIN!

Well, I'll keep it short...I did find the world's best Mac'n Cheese recipe, from Fine Cooking, and have made it twice. Not so hard and so rewarding to make something everyone ooh's over.

But today was Pancakes and Bacon! Costco has a new mix from Krusteze that is whole grain, with flax seeds. They were pretty darn good. Made a big batch and put some in the freezer.

Tuesday: I'm thinking Baked Potato Soup with Salad.

Wednesday: It is pizza night at Awana this week, so we'll be eating there! Yea.

Thursday: Salmon Patties and french fries

Friday: Chicken Parmigiana or Fettucini Alfredo from Pioneer Woman. Depends on whether I can find chicken in the freezer or not.

Gotta go watch the weather now, but at least I have a basic menu plan down for the week. What about you??


Anna said...

Wow, can I come eat at your house?? I found what turned out to be an awesome Betty Crocker cookbook at the library Saturday (actually, I meant to look at cookbooks and forgot until I was checking out my books and this one happened to be on the display shelf behind the checkout counter). It's called Win at Weight Loss Cookbook. It has nutritional information for each recipe and I made 3 things out of on Saturday night -- a breakfast blueberry and cereal bread, a pineapple dessert and a mac & cheese type thing with broccoli mixed in. The mac & cheese was a bit bland. I had to add crushed red pepper to it. The other two were delicious. I took the dessert to a small Super Bowl gathering (5 adults) and most of it was eaten. I made salisbury steak last week that turned out pretty good too. I need a lesson in gravy making though.

Through a snowball for me!

LD in TX

Grey Horse Matters said...

It all sounds good to me except for the salmon(I don't eat that). Good menu plan.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I visit Linda every day at the 7msn, it's terrible what happened to her horse. I've been there a few times so I know how hard it is right now. I hope all the support she's getting is helping a little.