Thursday, November 4, 2010

Could we all just agree... not dress our daughters like hookers?! Or not allow them the dress themselves that way? Or at least give them a good look-over before they head out the door?!

Due to my new career as a lunch-lady, I see about 16 million high school students each day. Only 3 of them use the phrase "May I have blah blah blah?" The remainder grunt, point or say "Can I have mine without gravy?" To which I reply, "Yes, you may. YOU'RE WELCOME." and smile.

But I digress...I also see more bra straps and black lace than Tom Brady and Harry Connick Jr. (They married Victoria's Secret models.) And then there are the painted-on "skinny jeans". Boy do these look awful, especially on boys. And there's pajamas, yep, cleavage that makes me blush and T-I-G-H-T shirts, short skirts and those sweats with words across the bum.

And I don't buy the whole "that's all there is out there," or "she won't wear anything else" baloney...I keep wanting to pull these girls aside and say, "Do you realize what message you're sending??"

C'mon moms, do young women really need more complications in their lives nowadays? And do you really want them to be "wanted" or treated like harlots? Remember their sweet little voices and faces? Don't sell them out and don't let them give themselves away...

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Needa said...

AMEN to that!!!!!