Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bring my smelling salts!

Ladies and Gentlemen: Today, the sun shone the entire day and it was above 60 degrees. In fact, I sweated a little while cleaning stalls. I hung out laundry (which is still out there in the dark, now that I think about it). I planted a climbing rose. I washed a lot of dishes. I lunged horses--they were shocked. I saw old friends for a great dinner. And I think Handyman got a sunburn when he fell asleep on the driveway.

Yes, folks. We here at Netherfield work our butooties off. Handyman just finished a week of 3:30 am mornings, coupled with lots of driving. And he doesn't sit much while he's working. So today we made it to early church and then when I insisted he not take a nap inside, he laid down on the asphalt and fell asleep. Now that's tired...

I made ice tea for him and he recovered enough to make Pioneer Woman's bacon-wrapped jalapenos as our contribution for the supper with our old cronies. They were great, of course, as was the rest of the meal: butterflied pork loin in the big green egg smoker, an awesome salad with strawberries, almonds and fresh greens and an amazing coffee chocolate pastry with ice cream and homemade caramel sauce and toasted coconut. I see a stairmaster in my future--oh that's right, I have horses...

If the weather holds, we want to slice-seed our pasture this week. The horses will hate being kept off that for several weeks. When I lunged them today, Reno did his usual teeny western jog, breaking into teeny western canter. Princess did her usual, falling in on one side of the circle but then improved, but quickly tired. That happens when your belly is the size of a small hot tub!

I'm trying to apply some of the skills I'm learning from the 7 Habits books, and they seem to work pretty quickly. But you know why, because they are all about dying to self. I know someone who taught that before Mr. Covey. Not that the 7 Habits aren't worthwhile...he says himself that he did not invent them. He's organized them and explained them very well.

They were "invented" by a fisherman from Galilee, and His Father.

Gotta go hay.


Mostly Sunny said...

Yay, spring! And yay, God, for bringing us renewed energy with it!

Rising Rainbow said...

I have to laugh at the stair master line. I have horses too, no time for forced exercise. lol

Pioneer Woman's recipes don't help my need for some kind of additional exercise regime, however, I get fatter just looking at her pictures.