Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm so excited!/Same old same old

It has been a beautiful weather week--yes, I am actually saying it! Yesterday was darn near the perfect spring day, strong, but pleasant wind and afternoon high of 73. Today, however, is classic Indiana weather--high of 41 with light rain or little teeny ice balls. Fun! The high for next Wednesday is 78 or 76 or some ridiculous thing. I had almost put away my carhart coat, but common sense got ahold of me in time.

I have been lunging Princess every day, albeit briefly. She is tubby. But she is definitely improving even with such small time investment. We started picking her feet while she eats her pittance of feed, since she tried to lay down on the farrier last month. He did not appreciate it. So that has improved. She has not fallen in on the lunge circle the last several days. And she is also improving on her right rein. She doesn't bend yet, I'm sure it is inexperience and lack of muscle tone. She leans and bends to the outside. On the right rein as she is heading toward the barn, she was raising her head and trying to pull out of the circle and then stopping sometimes. I focused on just keeping her moving forward, figuring that would fix the head issue all by itself. Lo and behold, today she marched on, not looking off or even trying to pull out. Yea!

I can tell she is a little bored, already, so I am going to get some poles for her to trot over. I am also trying to increase her time moving to get that belly worn down a little.

I really, really, really recommend the 7 Habits for Families book by Covey. I am in the seasonal clothing exchange nightmare. Wash, size, sort, remove, pack away, search, find, sort, who grew? who wants this? who can wear this? who will wear this? Handyman's solution to the whole seasonal clothing exchange is to never exchange...just keep everything in the closet!! I can't stand it!

Gotta work on my chore list, my school assignments and my menu planning. Sick of coming up with food that kids hate. One hates chicken, one hates ground meat of any kind in any form (unless we tell her it is steak burger)???! Neither will eat sandwiches...what's a woman supposed to do with that? (I'll be at the barn, girls. Fix yourselves some oatmeal.)

Gotta go!


Rising Rainbow said...

It's amazing how many things can be fixed by going forward.

Tracey said...

I feel your pain with the whole eating thing. My kids are picky eaters and I am so sick of trying to please everyone at every meal. So my new philosophy is shut up and eat. :0)

Thanks for the link on the hay. I will check it out for sure. Bri got some new hay last night and I hope it is better! Pretty soon they will be eased completely over to all pasture grass and it won't matter too much.

Joan said...

Yay for Princess' work out routine. ;) Boy a few of my princesses could use it!

Funny that your kids don't like sandwiches... How can you NOT LIKE sandwiches?! I love them. ;) I guess they keep you on your toes, and I'm sure my kid will hear that from me... "Fix youself something, I'll be at the barn." LOL

Twinville said...

Ugh! My kids have made me dislike cooking. I cringe just thinking about their turned up noses or the wasted food.

I've gotten to the point where I just lay out food, tell them to make their own, and if they don't like it make a sandwich or a bowl of cereal.....and then I head for the barn.
My horse and other critters never complain about the same old hay and grain every day.
Talk about peace and appreciation.