Monday, February 11, 2013

Menu Plan Monday, again, yea!

I love ,  I wish I could spend more time there.  Go, please, go!  You'll be encouraged.

Before we get too far, let me just say that there has been another POMLC (post-cancer, mid-life crisis) at Netherfield, this month...and it does involve horses, again.  :)  I'll update soon.

In the meantime, I do want to emphasize that menu planning does make me happier.  It gives me 16 more seconds of non-stress in my day that begins with driving a 50 ft. long, $80,000 school bus, in the I deserve those 16 seconds.

I am repeating a bunch of menus from the past, because they were GOOD, and they are from the way-past!  Handyman is in charge tonight, which will be some sort of chili or hash, his specialty.  :)

Tuesday: Baked Chicken Taquitos

Wednesday: Crock Pot you even need a recipe for this?  Not pretty when it comes out, but it smells good, comfort food.

Thursday: Kung Pao Chicken, with rice in the rice cooker.

Friday:  Grilled Cheeseburger Wraps

Saturday:  Chicken Pot Pie...haven't decided if it is from Costco, or me.  :)

Now sit down, and write yourself up a menu for the week.  And put it in your purse and take it to the store tonight, at 4:30 or whenever you drag yourself there.  And shop accordingly.  It helps.  I swear.  You might thank me for it.

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