Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Perils of Dog Agility

Yesterday morning when I returned from haying the horses, I found Tucker, the two-time reserve champion 4H agility dog, standing in the middle of the dining room table, licking the placemats! I was completely shocked and trying not to laugh my head off!

Continuing today's humor theme, you absolutely must go see Grocery Store Wars on You Tube. #1 is now considering a chicken version of Star Wars, using my old rooster as "Obi Wan No-Toesy" and her banty rooster as "Cluck Strutwalker" and the only black hen we have as "Dark Mater", (since she hatched Cluck). She wants to use Reno's behind as the Death Star...not sure how that works exactly, but something to do with toxic gas fumes...

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Tracey_iPost said...

HYSTERICAL! Oh my gosh, #1 has the mind of a genius!