Thursday, June 19, 2008

Which Doreman Burns cowgirl are you?

Joan at Mud Ranch introduced me to some beautiful western art, and I'm copying her for some of my mid-western friends...

Which Doreman Burns cowgirl are you? I was torn between a couple, but--for today--chose Red Ryder.

What d'ya think?? It's the real me, can probably see the teeny tiny math books and piles of laundry, waaaaaaaaay in the back.


Joan said...

She is way cool! ;) I really like the colors he uses and this one is especially bright. Great choice and thanks for playing! :D

Twinville said...

Beautiful. I love Doreman Burns art. He doesn't live too far away either.

I chose Desert Rose myself.
1) Because I am often fiddling with stuff and worrying if it's right, and
2)The horse behind her is a Paint, like my horse. :)