Sunday, June 22, 2008

What color do you call this??

Okay, this picture would qualify her for mud-brown, dred-lock Rastafarian, but she has another look...

I have had questions about the exact color of my Haffy-cross pony. While to the amateur she may appear a "palomino", there are multiple flaws in her ability to qualify for such. She has the cutest little white patches under her jaws and on her belly-button, which would completely disqualify for palomino. Even if we avoided noting those altogether, she has a tremendous amount of black in her mane and tail, to the point of looking like my mom's frosted hair from 1973.

Then there is the hysterical smattering of single white hairs throughout her entire golden coat. Then there's the funkiest little brown patch the size of my hand on her hind leg! And then there's the good-sized white snowflake on her only brown/gold leg...I asked my farrier what he would call it and after many facial gyrations, the best he could come up with was "almost a chocolate roan". I think there's way too much gold for that.

What do you think?

Since our state is now gloriously 4" over for rain this month, I can't not show you the old man's effort at a mud spa makeover:

I love how even his eyelashes are coated...the funniest part, that I could not capture digitally was that the entire opposite side of him was sleek and shiny-clean. I think they both had fun on this day.


Tracey_iPost said...

um...tan with a dash of beige and a sprinkling of salt.


Then I have no idea. But they sure are cute.

Rising Rainbow said...

With all the testing they have for colors these days, I think it's just made things all the more confusing. I have seen pics of horses color tested palamino that didn't look anything like a paly to me. The best thing I can say is, whatever color she is, it's interesting. lol

Anonymous said...

Does she have a dorsal stripe? I would say a sooty palomino with a sabino gene working in there too to give her the splashes of white here and there.

The socks and blaze are a definite link to sabino. The sooty gene would give her black hairs and ticking... you may want to look into my description. Have fun!

PS: leaving you a blog award at my blog today!