Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Yeah, yeah, I know. But #2 won movie passes at the library reading program this summer. And when she saw the previews for this, way back at Narnia or something, I knew this was in our future.

Can I say that I was pleasantly surprised? There was nothing objectionable, that I can remember, at all. There weren't any of those adult jokes meant to go over kids' heads. There wasn't innuendo or implication. I expected some drunkenness--NOPE. I expected some lasciviousness--nope. No bad words, nuttin.

Drew Barrymore had the perfect voice for Chloe and Andy Garcia was great as Delgado. But it was Poppy that I loved. The rat and the iguana were unnecessary and creeped me out, since we had that rat in the barn this summer.

But I let #3 go, as her first big-girl movie. I wasn't with her, but they said she did great and liked it a lot. Of course, it's not surprising, really, since we love dog movies--Good Boy is also one of our favorites.

PS-Bought a copy of Madison for hubby, on Ebay. If you haven't seen it, you should get it from the library. Handyman made the movie and it is really a great, true story. Especially a good boy movie.

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{i}Post said...

I wasn't worried about the bad stuff, I was worried I couldn't make it through the movie without puking from cuteness!