Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm sure you've noticed...

my blogging has been dramatically reduced. Due to the posting I linked to in my previous post, and conviction from it, I have cut back on my blogging. Although it's very fun, it quickly becomes a vanity and/or an escape. My blogging was ever present in my mind and considerations and replaced a myriad of other, actually-more important things. I was skipping off to the computer to jot things down when there were pressing home responsibilities that were being set aside.

Now I do not let my kids skip off to the computer to do a little this or a little that. And their father and I do not enjoy seeing their little faces gazing up at the glowing screen all the time, so I felt it was a little hypocritical to be doing just that. I have a lot on my plate here and need to be devoted to my own cause (and theirs.)

Sooooooo, spring is coming. We are working on several different things and Easter is almost here. Here's hoping you're putting yourself under the grow light--press on, run the race you've been called to and run it to win!


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Joan said...

Although you have been missed, I do admire your convictions and have been convicted as well. I have my baby to tend to and have found that writing articles in advance and posting as I pass by to feed the cats and dogs works well for me. I am not very good at commenting because I have little time to read, but your blog is one I like to check once a week just to see what you're doing and get some encouragement as well! Keep up the good work.
God Bless You!