Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weather and warfare

Short of a national weather emergency, I really don't think weather gets much worse than today. I actually heard the weatherman on the radio announce that we might have "thunder snow". Yes, he said "thunder snow". Give me a stinking break. Thankfully, Handyman brought home the super-dee-duper, extra-large dose of sawdust last week, so Princess and Reno are safe and dry on their little beach island, munching their $7/bale hay--some of which they LOVE and some of which they tolerate. (Sometimes I sprinkle the leavings of the yummy over the flakes of the so-so to tempt them. Not that Princess has ever turned down a meal. This girl should be in a commercial for Jenny Craig.)

Anyhoo, since our sermon yesterday asked us to recommit to renewed prayer life and since I did recommit and since I did read my Bible and spend time really praying yesterday morning, you could pretty much guarantee that there would be a renewed spiritual focus on my house as a target yesterday, and not in a good way. I was pretty much able to ride it out, thanks to my prayer time and my recognition of spiritual battles. The dark one is not going to give up easily, and my arrows must have strong futures before them to warrant such attacks to keep them. I won't go too far but to say that God is faithful and strong. I was telling Handyman the other day, God doesn't guarantee that we will even see the fruits of our labors. He has called us to labor, that's it. I don't have to worry that I am responsible for the results. I just have to labor faithfully. I am positive that I am not as diligent or righteous as I need to be, and I'm happy to work on those. My position is just to keep working. He does the completing.

It's a freeing thought, really. I watch others fret and fuss and lather over things that they cannot control and I just don't go there. Sometimes I wonder if it's just that I am blissfully unaware or too silly to notice things, but I honestly don't think so. I am just the tiniest bit proud of myself to be able to compartmentalize things and say, "That's God's responsibility, not mine." That's a tremendous help for me.

Whenever I feel cornered about different situations, I usually just think, "Well, Lord, this is your deal. I'm doing my end, the rest is up to you. Can't wait to see what you've got." and within 20 minutes, there is usually a sea-change of emotion. It's tangible and I get to enjoy another miracle in my midst. Sometimes #1 asks me how I am sure that God is real and I don't have to hesitate. I have a couple of stock answers: There is no proof of any mistake in the Bible; Elephants have four knees and their udders are in the front; Giraffes' heads don't pop off when they drink; and most importantly, God has never failed me, ever.

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