Sunday, March 9, 2008


I came across this powerful post while trolling this morning. Methinks I have become way too enamored with myself and my things lately. This spoke to me strongly and I think, interestingly on a Sunday morning.

Tis time for contemplative thought and practical application. Although Sundays are my days to do no work, I feel enough of that went on yesterday. Sundays are also my days to make those big plans for the week, which I too often slap-dash through. Perhaps a little more effort and a little less trolling.

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Joan said...

That is an excellent post and I have also really decided (although I'm a young blogger) that I don't need to post every day. It has taken so much of my time and I need to be on the computer less. My life is unbalanced by the computer and needs some correcting. Thank you for posting that!