Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Still around, spring is here

I am still here--albeit on a much more limited basis. The weather is finally turning and as with everyone else I know--there is much to be done. I am currently reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families, which I really like, along with Parenting Teens with Love & Logic by Jim Fay--which thankfully showed me some large areas where I was totally screwing up and making life miserable for everyone. (Thanks to the mom on the Sonlight board who mentioned this parenting "philosophy".) Handyman and I had listened to this guy's tapes way back when #1 was just a sprout and we really liked his style. Fortunately, there's a book for parenting teens, because I sure need it!

I was the easiest kid in the world to raise and my parents only had me. So they have this really skewed view that all kids should be willing to please, like I was, and if not, a quick paddling or mortification should shape things up pretty quick! Ha!

I am still keeping my laundry put away, which has been a big blessing, not having full baskets sitting all around the house for weeks. The rooster is spending his first night in the barn since, oh, December! I am a much better kitchen cleaner than I used to be--and I owe it all to my long-lost friend Leslie, who always smiled and could clean a kitchen faster than a white tornado! I think of her often, when I want to leave a plate sitting there for hours, "in case someone comes back and wants it" or when I want to bolt out of there when it's not done, "because I have other things that need my attention". I notice that when I just keep going and finish, it is rewarding to walk back into the room that's clean.

I uncovered the flower beds today. Lots of leaves and horse manure from the winter that I dumped on top. Don't know if that was a good idea or not--we'll find out later this summer. I did buy a pair of climbing red roses from Costco. I can't wait to get them put in. I want to repaint the front door this spring too--a dark blue-purple, like a purple pansy. I think it will be very striking and unique with the green paint of the house. Handyman (who is very choosey about things like that) told me last year that I could paint it.

The riding ring is staked out and will get started in the next month or so. Can't wait. This year's riding will be so different. Last year at this time we still had "Wild man" the unbroken horse who got sold last fall. Reno (the prince) didn't arrive here until mid-July. It's tough finding good used tack. I need another youth saddle, preferably with a wide tree since Princess is almost as wide as she is long.

Thanks to Joan for the nice post, encouraging me and missing me. I think about blogging almost every day. There's things I think would be funny or interesting, but my family life is needing my attention and direction and I certainly want to excel in that one area above all others.

I went and changed out of my polar-fleece jeans today!! That's a landmark moment. I don't think I've gone without them since October or something! We're supposed to have 8 days of rain in the next 10. Great. I mentioned to someone the other day that I wasn't going to live here forever and he said, "Yeah, that's what we all say."

Happy spring to all! Kids are in bed. Handyman is snoring and the cats are all perched on my desk. Gotta go hay!

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