Monday, January 21, 2008

Goin' political on ya!

Gang! The true conservative candidate is Fred Thompson. Check out his stuff on You Tube. Huckabee is not the real deal...the media loves him because they know he'll get eaten alive if he's the nominee. The real conservatives are the ones the media says are "done", "out" or just not mentioned.

Case in point--Huckabee was endorsed by the NEA in New Hampshire. That stinks to high heaven. The NEA is the largest branch of the Democratic party. As a homeschooler, I don't want anyone endorsed by the NEA anywhere near the White House.

Fred Thompson has a long, consistent conservative history. He's got the connections and the experience, not to mention the education. He's been around the Washington scene for a long time and was walking the walk before some of them were even talking the talk.

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CrossView said...

Aha! There you are. =D
I hope you don't mind but I trailed you from HSB. Not in a stalker kind of way, though! LOL!

My husband's giving Fred some real consideration. I'm pretty much just ruling out many candidates to narrow down the field. *sigh*

And Huckaby is in the "reject" pile...