Sunday, January 20, 2008

NFL Names

I knew the Colts had a couple of names to add to my collection: Craphonso Thorpe and Devin Aromashodu. I also like Antwan Randal El (who used to be a Steeler) and Troy Polamalu, who is a Steeler. While I was at the Steelers site checking the spelling on Troy's name, I came across Willie Colon (poor guy) and Santonio Holmes. Is that one of those names that was created to commemorate a vacation? Like Paris or Ireland?

OMG! I was right! I did hear "Atari" tonight! I just went to the Packers site, because there was a last name that didn't quite fit across the jersey that I wanted to find, and sure enough--Atari Bigby is a player for the Packers. What was that girl thinking about??

Tonight's winner though, is, De Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila of the Green Bay Packers. He's his own wordsearch puzzle methinks. "How many words can you make out of your own name?" They also had a "Ruvell" (first name), a "Bubba" (really!) and a "Poppinga" (last name).

I am sensitive to interesting names because I married one. My last name went from five plain little letters to ten letters, with only four consonants. It's a party trick!

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