Sunday, January 20, 2008

Movin' in

I'm moving over from Homeschool Blogger because I am too darn thick to figure out how to work their format. I have really enjoyed blogging over there and will try to transfer all my old posts for your reading pleasure. This seems to be MUCH more user-friendly already. But I am very greatful to Gina and Paul for getting HSB up and providing it to all of us.

You may have read over there, that I am trying not to define myself only in terms of being a homeschooler. My months of reading Pioneer Woman have helped me learn to appreciate all the facets of my wacky life. Homeschooling is something I do--yes, a pervasive "something I do", but still, it is not who I am. I think my tunnel vision on the school part has caused me some atrophy in other important areas of my life which I am trying to rectify.

Thus, the curve in my road towards more emphasis on character and whole life with my kids, not just academics. The increased effort to enjoy the irregularities of our life and the resulting relaxation of my parenting. Also, I have to say my recent obsession with debt reduction has removed a giant monkey from my back. I am looking forward to all the things I will be free to do when we crawl out from under it.

Tonight's highlight: My favorite NFL name "Plaxico Burress." I have been saying Plaxico Burress all season, because I could not believe any woman would name her son Plaxico. I did not know who he played for or what position he held and tonight I watched him play and entire game! I'm going to look into some of the other unique NFL names--I swear I heard "Atari" at one point, but maybe not.

Oh, and I have two chickens in my kitchen right now. I'm willing to lay money on the table that I am the only American woman currently hosting live domestic fowl in her kitchen for more than 24 hours! If you know of another, send me her email so we can start a support group. (The rooster is so glad to have company.) Details to come. I have to go hay, again.

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