Saturday, January 26, 2008

Seasonal funk disorder

Handyman has come down with seasonal funk disorder (SFD). He said today he is anxious for spring--little early for that if you ask me. Again, I ask, why do we live in this God-forsaken state???? Oh, and don't forget, we are stuck inside with three punks, three cats (two of whom hate one another), four dogs (one who is co-dependent with a baby squeekie thing she found under my bed) and a rooster with no toes. Oh, and our team isn't going to the Super Bowl. You can see how this would spiral downward quickly. Oh, and he had multiple meals of chili yesterday--oh and the transmission on the washer went AWOL today.

Did I mention that Denver has 100 more sunny days per year than we do?

Oh, and I had to get another 5 gal. bucket of "Neigh-lox" today for the pony. Nothing like an 800 lb. pony with a sensitive stomach. Did I mention that "Neigh-lox" is $150/bucket? And we got a $450 washer at Lowes for $175. Can't decide which was the better buy! ;)

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