Saturday, January 26, 2008

Today's pie/crust story

Somehow, of course, Handyman could not finish the few odds and ends in MIL's basement in one day. Of course. That is one of the distinct problems of having a handy husband who is into detail. This is something one has to become accustomed to--like dry wine. There is not a project that is done slap-dash here.

Anyway, since he wasn't done in one day, he gets more than one pie. (See yesterday's post.) Today's pie was apple. Today the crust was not the focus--weird. But the filling was problematic. Seems she decided to use her deep dish pie plate to keep the pie from boiling over, but she only had one can (CAN?) of pie filling and that is definitely not enough for a deep dish pie. Too bad.

Then when I talked to her on the phone she told me she bought a store-brand of pie filling and one can was not enough. I told her that buying store-brand, CANNED pie filling was asking for trouble...and that maybe her closet shelving would not turn out straight. One should never cut corners mid-job in "paying" for one's labor.

Hope it wasn't a box crust.

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