Sunday, January 27, 2008

What a day!

Wow! We packed it in today. It was so beautiful (take note that I said this) here! The sun was bright all day and it warmed up to the mid-balmy-thirties. It felt like summer. We all got to go to church together, which is not happening frequently enough. We sang that great song, Jesus Paid It All.

The guest speaker was Paul David Tripp, the brother to the guy who wrote Shepherding A Child's Heart. He spoke on "playing with the box." He started with a story about trying to find a perfect gift for his son, who always ended up enjoying the box more than the toy. He went on to talk about God's most perfect gift for us, His grace, and how we "play with the box" instead. We diddle around with a little ministry or dabble in learning the word, or serving or worshipping instead of throwing ourselves headlong in needing, seeking and following God and appreciating His grace and what it does.

Although it was the Sabbath, there was no rest for the wicked (me)! I emptied muck tubs and refilled them. Handyman hauled water for me, and then I had to help carry out the old washer, because my dad is in FLORIDA, without his dogs. Then I cleaned the chicken house, which hadn't been done since fall. Yikes! I got to use my MP3 player ( another hand-me-down) which was great. I'm sure Handyman got a kick out of seeing the chicken litter flying out the door while my flat, alto voice is warbling "He was only thirty-threeeeeee..." by Avalon. Then I had to haul and dump three poop-sleds full of chicken litter into the new garden plot. Frankly, I didn't care what I had to do as long as it was outside, it was glorious.

Handyman was burning up a brush pile, so he sat there laughing as I went zipping by on my ATV with the MP3 player going, taking feed to horses. He loves seeing me with the little modern conveniences that make rural life easier. Plus, I'm a bad singer, so that makes it all the funnier. Then I also had to carry in the new washer. I try to limit my appliance carrying to one-per-month, but my dad is in FLORIDA, so I had to up the quota.

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