Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hospital Trip P.S.

Thanks for the kind/supportive comments regarding #3's testing at the hospital. I was neglectful in not mentioning that she did take a dose of Versed before the test and what a blessing that is. It is "conscious sedation" where she is still awake (barely) and aware, but then doesn't remember anything that went on.

She is completely unaffected by the whole thing--unlike me--who has watched/participated in it way too many times. I am thankful that she, like her sisters, will be completely cured once surgery is over. Our urologist told us that even 25 years ago, children were dying of this condition, without anyone ever knowing why!! Their kidneys would become damaged and fail and there wasn't any treatment.

Just one more evidence of God, for me. The mysteries of the universe are never solved, they just open up more amazing opportunities to see the hand of our Creator.

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Tracey said...

Hi Netherfieldmom! Thanks for stopping in over at my blog. I love making new bloggy friends. I hope went well for #3. I really like your blog! Would you mind if I added you to my blogroll? Oh, and we have a stallion because we bought a 9 acre farmette a couple of years ago and my husband's uncle needed a place to put his stallion since he had all mares and didn't want to breed anymore. Long story. He was 11 when we got him, thus too old and dangerous to make him a gelding!