Saturday, February 9, 2008

Today's funnies...

Conversation with #3 (who is four)...

Me: Did you like the chicken noodle soup today?
Her: Uh-huh.
Me: It didn't seem like you liked it very much.
Her: Mom, I ate seven four.
Me: Seven four?
Her: Yes.
Me: What is seven four?
Her: (holding her arms in a circle in front of her belly)Seven four is this much.
Me: A lot? Oh, you ate a lot.
Her: Yes.

Then, #2 and her friend (who are both nine) come in from outdoor hiking and announce that they want to play "disaster camping" in the living room. I say fine, have fun. When I come in later, I say, "How's disaster camping going?" fully imagining floods or storms or something.

They say, "Fine." I say, "What's the disaster?" They say, "Our plasma TV has been stolen!" I say, "That's a disaster??" and they say, "It cost $99,000!"

Wow--forget dust storms or tornadoes or hurricanes, the loss of a tv now qualifies as "disaster". I'd better get in touch with FEMA.

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