Saturday, February 2, 2008


The hawk that killed Sara was not the same hawk that was in our garage last week. I told the girls we could not hate all hawks. They get hungry too and this is a lean time of year for birds of prey. Everyone deserves to eat and hawks prevent us from being overrun with vermin.

The other important lesson was that Sara was outside the pasture fence. Hawks can definitely get them inside the pasture fence, but those that wander independently run a much larger risk. We lost Flora to a coyote when she was out and across the driveway. We lost Reggie when he flew outside the fence and we lost precious Maria to a hawk when she was outside the fence. I try to tell the girls how that "hedge" of protection is just like the one Mommy and Daddy have around them and when they choose to leave our protection by disobeying, then they are vulnerable to an attack, just like the hens.

I noticed last night that when you dial our home number on Handyman's cel phone, a picture of Sara comes up. :(


Debbie said...

Wow, what a GREAT lesson. I was so sorry to hear about Sara. What an illustration that made.

Renna said...

Though painful, it was a good lesson opportunity for your children; and we are also under God's hedge of protection when we walk beside Him.