Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I know you'll laugh...

but I've seen the signs. Spring is definitely coming. My bear-skin horse, RENO, is shedding. I thought it was just wishful thinking, but he is definitely letting some loose and today #2 and I both noticed that the goldfinches are just the teensiest bit more yellow than they were last week. It was sunny here today which is a real treat. We shovelled off the paved part of the drive and played outside, even though it barely went above 20. Tonight is bitterly freezing, but we were able to see the lunar eclipse from inside the house--spoiled!

Anyway, horse blankets are back on tonight, but he is definitely shedding. He has more faith than I do, anyway. His blanket--which would cover any normal couch in my house--is toasty, roasty, I must say. It was a bargain from State Line Tack, for $59 plus shipping. When it came, I almost cried because I thought there was no way it would fit. It is gargantuan! It came the day of a precipitous temperature plunge and I was so worried that it wouldn't arrive in time. Then when I opened it and laid it across three dining room chairs I was about beside myself with dismay.

#1 suggested we just go try it on him...the giant cat is now laying across my forearms as I try to type. My elbows are sagging under the weight and I feel sensitivity leaving my finger tips. Anyway, we lugged the monstrosity out to the pasture, trying to keep it clean, since I knew I would have to send it back. He came wandering up and we heaved it up over his back. He had measured exactly 82, so I had ordered an 84, just to be sure. Well, sure enough, it was a teensy bit too long at the tail, but is a high neck cut, so I have to leave it loosely buckled so he can get his head down to eat. Buuuuuuuut, the belly straps just barely made it under and I had to remove the hind leg straps altogether, because I could tell they would rub on his mega-hairy inner thighs!

I kept loosening the belly straps and loosening some more! He looks like the biggest hunter green sofa you ever saw! Because of the high neck style, his topline looks much higher than his 16hh height. Pretty hilarious really. The blanket quality is great for the price. Much better than what I had originally purchased for him on Ebay. It was a great deal because it was "butt ugly", tan and teal plaid! Handyman told me to spend more money rather than get that, because he is all about the visual--hates ugly. Fortunately for him, the "leisure suit" as I dubbed it, didn't fit and had to be returned.

So now I have one horse that looks like a giant green sofa and the other looks like an LL Bean duffle bag. Princess' blankie is hunter green with black skirting around the bottom. I think I'll have my mom add faux handles to it this summer, just for fun!


Tracey said...

Tag! You're it! Check out my blog for details!

Joan said...

LOL on the "faux handles." :D I thought it was looking like spring around here but we woke up with a couple inches of snow on the ground! :(