Monday, February 11, 2008

I'll try to be fair

Since I started off the day by complaining and whining, I will try to balance it out somewhat...I abhor it when my progeny complains, so I need to work on my attitude a little.

I am excited that the days are getting longer! I can tell that they are! This is not a positive reflection on my state, since it is the result of my longitude or latitude or GPS or something. But, I know that they are. I was able to feed, empty five muck tubs using the poop cart (no snow for the sled), and muck out before dusk!

I broke two muck tubs (Handyman will be unhappy.) I was just a little upset that not only do I have to endure this life on Hoth (thank you #1), but the muck was actually frozen into the buckets. Give me a stinking break! It's not enough that the hens have frostbite on their combs, even though we lubed them up...not enough that the horses have frostsicles on their whiskers, the poop is frozen into the tubs. So I dropped them and kicked them and heaved them around until I broke two of them. Then I complained that they were cheap.

I think I was supposed to be mentioning things that I'm glad about...what were they? Oh, I am thankful for the anti-viral medicine that makes my COLD sores go away. Way thankful. I was glad to see a glowing orb in the sky today, albeit briefly and it gave no heat. I am glad for orange extension cords that go for miles, even under flowing rivers of ice. I am thankful for sawdust and the friendliest pony in the world who wants to bite the handle of the poop fork while I'm using it. I am thankful that my horses are so gentle that I can move all around them without concern, unless I have a shred of carrot left in any pocket in which case I could be knocked to the ground and mauled.

Did I mention that my husband has been out of town for months? Okay, three days. He's on his way home now. I'm so glad because I'll probably have to haul water tomorrow and it's snowing tonight, again. Oh, my parents called from FLORIDA, so I could go through their mail for them. And they're not going to be back until a few days later than originally planned. Hey, no problem! Their dogs are eating the frozen doots about as fast as I can bring them up from the barn...

Gotta go put on those blankies. It's a balmy 19.2 here. I've been wearing these same jeans (fleece-lined) for two days now. Nowhere near my record.


Rising Rainbow said...

I learned the hard way too about making that frozen stuff come out of the buckets. Now I've learned to put them out in the sun early in the day and let them thaw their way out. It's saved me lots of buckets, I think. Horses in the winter, gotta love it. lol

Tracey said...

Does it make you feel any better that the horse poop my husband mucked last night was frozen in the wheelbarrow this morning when I tried to empty it? I left it for him to deal with. *Grin* And as I write this the sleet is pelting off the windows. Happy day!

EEEEMommy said...

That sounds like work! Work and cold do not mix!
I'm sorry you're having a rough time. I'd be struggling with my attitude too if I were in your shoes! I hope that things are going more smoothly now that your hubby is home!
So much for global warming, huh?
I don't even know what the groundhog's prediction is. I'm hoping that spring is just around the corner. :)

Joan said...

Hey thanks for stopping by and adding me in your blogroll! Glad to "meet" you too! Funny how similar you say we are... Enjoying your blog... I'll be back. That's a promise, not a threat. ;)LOL

Oh and my DH will be gone for months... Okay only a week, but it sure feels like months doesn't it?!