Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rare avian sighting!

Yesterday, before the Arctic Santa Ana's kicked into high gear, there was a rare sighting at our birdfeeder!

It is the rare Toeless To-Hee, common to South American grasslands! What was it doing this far north at this time of year? This magnificent specimen is identified by the gorgeous white mane and brilliant green-black tailfeathers. (It also prefers water from pharmaceutical buckets, which we used to draw it into our flower bed!)

This 4-5 pounder is a terrific example of the species. They are considered a delicacy in many countries, but not here at Netherfield. Here, all fowl are our friends. Especially disabled ones...

Especially when said disability was due to the cruelty and stupidity of others. We have captured this specimen for further study/protection from the elements. He is happily ensconced in a habitat specially designed to keep him comfortable.

I was a little concerned for him yesterday when I was making CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP in my pressure cooker, but he seems no worse for the wear. (We, of course, do not use the name in his presence.)

He even had a run-in with the bird-dog in residence yesterday. While he was sunning himself, thinking about how nice it is to have such great care, someone carelessly opened the front door to welcome guests and out shot the bird-dog extraordinaire: (note vicious alien eyes)

who is visiting while my parents are in FLORIDA for 7 WEEKS! (note the calendar behind her bed where she keeps track of how many days are left until she can return to her yard that has a fence where she can gambol at will.)

Fortunately, our guests were able to rescue the rare toeless toe-hee from the mouth of the vicious canine interloper.

What a circus!

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rohanknitter said...

Sounds like a day around here, which we like to call Fiasco Farm!